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Global Reproductive Rights

For my senior capstone project, I will focus on reproductive rights around the world. I have conducted research on multiple countries, doing mini case studies on their rights.  

Capstone Research Paper

My research paper explores the many issues imbedded in reproductive rights, including abortion and contraception. It also explores the reproductive rights in Sweden, China, the United States of America, and Peru. I became more interested in this topic when the ruling of Roe v. Wade was reversed, and I saw how large of an issue reproductive rights are. I also saw the lack of recognization of these rights, and wanted to bring more awareness to the topic. 

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Products 2&3


Social Justice Workshop:

On our Social Justice Day at school, I decided to run a workshop related to my Capstone Project. My workshop focused on the relationship between Christian Nationalism and Reproductive Healthcare Policy. Running this workshop helped me teach other people about the information I learned while researching my topic. It also got people thinking about an issue that is not commonly brought to their attention. When relating this workshop to my topic, I wanted to focus in on something more specific and not as commonly known to high schoolers. This workshop was mostly discussion based, talking about videos that we watched and examples that we have seen in our country and government today. I ran two sessions of the same workshop, which I think was beneficial because there were more opinions being shared. I want to thank Mr. Kroch for working with me to make this workshop happen, especially in the way that it did. 


The critique I created analyzes the Choice in Termination of Pregnancy Act of South Africa, legalized in 1996. I have selected terms that can have cryptic meanings, explaining the risks that they carry. I used Canva to make this critique, constructing two posters, one a summary and the other a deep explanation. South Africa was one of the small case studies I included in my research paper, and I wanted to make a more opinionated piece about it. Although this critique shows my opinions, I also tried to take into consideration other women and what their issues with this Act would be. 

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